Discovering the Riches of Colombia

Exploring the most prolific silver and gold belts of the country.


Baroyeca Gold and Silver is a value-based company, committed to investing in local communities, while operating in a safe, sustainable manner.

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High Grade Silver and Gold Deposits

New exploration approaches in proven silver and gold endowed mining districts.

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Excellent infrastructure

Our projects have the legal rights, permits and adequate accessibility to infrastructure, services, roads, water and power.

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Colonial Legacy

Our Atocha project is located within Colombia’s 'richest primary silver camp’, proven by high-grade silver production records from Spanish and British colonial mining periods.

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Cash Flowing

Potential for generative non-dilutive direct cash-flow from bulk sampling activities processed at a gold pilot processing plant in the Santa Barbara project.

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Tremendous Exploration Upside Potential

Our projects are located in the richest gold and silver regions of Colombia.

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Experienced Management

Exploration led by World Class experts with in-country experience and a track record of discoveries.

Corporate Vision

The mining industry carries an outdated, misunderstood, and volatile narrative, which is why Baroyeca promotes integrity, respect, excellence, team work, and accountability as our five pillars.


Baroyeca emphasizes thorough discovery practices which are culturally and environmentally considerate


We prioritize the wellbeing of our employees, with high safety standards and strong moral responsibility


Our team works safely, efficiently, and effectively to acquire our exceptional results


We have sourced over 100 employees from Falan and Santa Barbara's supportive nearby towns


Our Board of Directors is skilled, hardworking, and transparent with investors

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